I grew up in a small town, up the hill, close to San Diego.  Warm weather is in my soul!  I love the sunshine!  I love clear blue skies and I love feeling the sand on my toes.  I have 1 brother and 4 sisters.  We are all besties and love shopping together.  My mom and dad taught us from a young age that family is everything!  


‚ÄčIn my free time I love to create!  A few years ago, my girls asked me to make them Disney Princess dresses for Halloween.  So I bought a bunch of wedding dresses at Goodwill and a few bottles of fabric dye and became obsessed!  Seriously!  So much fun!  
In a different life I swear I was a party planner because I love throwing parties!  I also love to read, and spend more time laughing with family.



Anytime I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer was "a mom".  I couldn't wait to have a dozen kids and a house filled with fun memories.  I also dreamed about, journaled about and I couldn't wait to meet the man of my dreams!  I still remember when I saw John for the first time.  His eyes and chin had me hooked!


Meet my heart and soul, John, or as his friends and family call him, Johnny.  
Johnny and I met in college and instantly were drawn to one another.  We dated for 9 months, and were married a month later (no I wasn't pregnant).

John graduated with an accounting degree shortly after we married and worked 19 years in the accounting/finance world until he quit his full time job to be the CFO/business manager of our family business.   He loves to golf, ski, wake board, bike, hike, basically anything that is outdoors.  He is a huge Star Wars fan!  He makes me laugh everyday!  He reminds me of a beautiful sunset that takes your breath away.  Sometimes I call him Jasper for his Jasper like abilities to calm emotions.  He is my greatest blessing.  He was my strongest support as I recovered from a stroke and continues to care lovingly for our family.  I love vacationing with him.  


These kids make our lives full of joy!  Best friends and full of laughs, they have made us want to be the best version of us possible.

Tevan is a recent high school graduate who loves playing basketball, Fortnite, and watching movies.

Rachel is our youngest and LOVES to read!  Loves isn't a strong enough word for her reading.  She adores playing games with friends and family.

Sarah came to this earth singing and continues to sing her way through life.  She is also a basketball player and a fierce friend.

Tyler is our resident scientist!  He loves Pokemon, dragons, and Zelda.  He plays tennis and loves slap stick humor.


6 years ago, at the age of 33 I had an acute clot stroke that severely effected my balance and left side of my body.  I have a blood clotting disorder called Factor Five Leiden and I happen to be a double carrier, so I have an 85% increase chance of having a clot as opposed to the average human.  My entire recovery included essential oils!  I would love to share with you what I did.  

Read my story here


Honestly, I am a brilliant hyperbolizer of the positive side of anything. I love helping others find health and healing.  For 5 years I coached beautiful average women of all ages and sizes  through triathlons.  It was so magical.  I am a certified NFHS coach and have coached high school and rec basketball for 10 years. I have a talent for making dinner without a plan and I seriously struggle to get my laundry done.  My mantra is everyone is invited and everyone is welcome!  I love helping people feel needed and loved.


Achieving the rank of Diamond as a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA Essential Oils has been one of my greatest life accomplishments.  When I started using oils I just wanted to supplement our income to give the kids the ability to do a few extra things each year.  But it has done so much more then that for us!  With all the hard work and effort, we have found so many blessings!  One of my favorites has been the connection with so many AMAZING people and being part of their journey as they find wellness and joy.


I know, through experience that anyone can create and build a thriving business like I have with a little guidance, hard work, and powerful passion!  This business works when you work it! This opportunity is one of the greatest blessings of my life and I want to share it with you!  I want to help you achieve your hopes and dreams!  This is the opportunity of a lifetime!  Grab a hold and seize it with me!  

Please contact me below if you are ready to jump in and begin your journey of finding health, wellness and mountains of joy!