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LOOK, FEEL, AND LIVE YOUNGER, LONGER The doTERRA® Lifelong Vitality Program makes taking the first step on the path toward a lifetime of vitality and wellness convenient and affordable. The three core products of the doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Program— Alpha CRS®+, xEO Mega®, and Microplex VMz®—are formulated to provide you with targeted levels of essential nutrients and powerful metabolic factors for optimal health, energy, and longevity.*

Our lifelong health and vitality depend on many factors including diet, physical activity, weight management, rest, stress management, exposure to toxins, and inherited genetic predisposition for disease or wellness. While some of these variables are beyond our complete control, breakthroughscientific research is revealing many ways we can influence—and even control—significant factors of aging and wellness. A long life full of vitalityand healthy aging begins with providing your cells with essential nutrients and metabolic factors to help them perform optimally.


Free radicals are unstable molecules that can damage and even destroy healthy,functioning cells and speed the aging process by compromising cellular DNA andother critical cell structures, including energy-producing mitochondria. Free radicals are a toxic byproduct of breathing and the metabolism of food. They also come from other sources, such as pollution, smoking, sun exposure, and exposure to radiation.All these free-radical sources can push oxidative stress beyond what the body cansafely handle. Cellular free-radical damage is believed to play a major role in aging.Antioxidants are stable molecules that can neutralize free radicals. Some antioxidantsare found in the foods we eat, particularly in fruits and vegetables, and some antioxidants are manufactured by the body. Most medical experts recommend that we increase our consumption of foods containing antioxidants. Polyphenols are a particularly powerful group of antioxidants that provide protection against free-radical damage to cellular DNA and mitochondria. They have a very high capacity to neutralize free radicals and have been studied for a number of longevity health benefits. Reducing oxidative stress to cellular DNA and other important cell structures supportshealthy cell proliferation, function, and lifespan.

Alpha CRS+ Cellular Vitality Complex contains powerful polyphenols that protect cells from free radicals that can damage cellular DNA, mitochondria, and other critical cell structures.*POLYPHENOLSA class of antioxidant molecules that provide numerous longevity health benefits including powerful antioxidant protection against free-radical damage to cellular DNA, mitochondria, and other critical cell structures.

FREE RADICALSUnstable molecules that can start a damaging chain reaction of cellular oxidation contributing to unhealthy aging.

DNANucleic acid in cells that contains the genetic instructions for cell proliferation, specialized function, and lifespan. It is through the DNA that the instructions for life are stored and passed to new cells that make up tissues, organs, systems, and organisms. Disruption of normal DNA function can result in sub-optimal health.

Our bodies are made up of millions of cells that rely on complex chemicalcommunication pathways to perform their many specialized and synchronizedfunctions. When cells are under stress, especially oxidative stress, they respond defensively to reduce the stressor. This is an important and normal function of the body’s immune system, which helps protect against threats to cellular health. Free-radical damage to critical cell structures can trigger a defensive response that, if left unchecked, can lead to a chronic state of defensive readiness and can have long-term health consequences.
Many of the ingredients found in the do-TERRA® Lifelong Vitality Program have been shown to support a healthy oxidative stress response in cells.* The program also includes a blend of essential fatty acids and CPTG® essential oils that have been clinically demonstrated
to support normal and healthy oxidative stress response in cells.*

All energy for life is produced in tiny cellular structures called mitochondria inwhich food molecules and oxygen are combined to produce chemical energy in theform of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). As we age, the number of mitochondria per cell and their output efficiency can decline, resulting in decreased vitalityand energy. Compromised mitochondria can also release more toxic exhaust in the form of free-radical molecules, which can further damage mitochondria, DNA, and other critical cell structures. Less efficient production of energy incells can result in a decrease of physical performance and mental energy.
Increasing our dietary consumption of foods rich in antioxidants, particularly polyphenols, can help protect mitochondria and other cell structures fromfree-radical byproducts of energy production in cells. Additionally, supplementingour diets with nutritional co-factors of energy production in mitochondria can support healthy production of cellular energy.

The doTERRA® Lifelong Vitality Program includes these antioxidant and energy cofactors.*

• Acetyl-L-Carnitine: Helps shuttle fatty acids into mitochondria for energy production
•Alpha Lipoic Acid: Supports the production of ATP and acts as a powerfulantioxidant in mitochondria
•Coenzyme Q10: Important coenzyme forenergy production; supports heart health
•Quercetin: Provides powerful polyphenol antioxidant protection in mitochondria and other cell structures
•Resveratrol: Polyphenol found in red wine; supports healthy mitochonodrial biogenesis
•Vitamins and Minerals: Essential cofactors of energy production in cells
•Essential Fatty Acids: Required for cell growth; supports healthy cellular function
MITOCHONDRIA: Sometimes described as micro power plants in cells, mitochondria produce the energy chemical adenosine triphosphate (ATP) that powers all cellular activity for life. Cellular mitochondria also play critical roles in other cell functions, including intracellular signaling, cellular differentiation, growth, and apoptosis. Mitochondrial energy functions can decrease with age or increased exposure to oxidative stressors.   
In addition to the potent Cellular Longevity Blend contained in Alpha CRS +, the doTERRA Life Long Vitality Program includes your choice of xEO Mega®, providing ultra-pure essential fatty acids and other fat soluble nutrients that help support heart and circulatory health, brain health, and optimal immune function among many other systemic benefits.*

xEO Mega provides a proprietary blend of marine and land-sourced essential fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids help support healthy joints, the cardiovascular system, brain health, and immune function*.
xEO Mega includes the powerful antioxidant carotenoid astaxanthin, which helps protect against lipid oxidation in the brain and throughout the circulatory system. xEO Mega is encapsulated in vegetarian softgels*.
xEO Mega includes a proprietary blend of dōTERRA CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils that also function as antioxidants, support a healthy oxidative stress response in cells, and provide other powerfulhealth benefits*. These oils also function as a natural preservative system, protecting the essential fatty acids in xEO Mega from oxidation and rancidity.  
xEO Mega Marine and Plant Omega Blend (1100 mg): Pure, micro-filtered fish oil providing 300 mg EPA, 300 mg DHA                                                                                  
  xEO/vEO Mega Essential Oil Blend: Clove, Frankincense, Thyme, Cumin,Wild Orange, Peppermint, Ginger, Caraway, and German Chamomile.  

The doTERRA® Lifelong Vitality Program includes Microplex VMz, a balanced formula of essential vitamins and bioavailable minerals carefully formulated to provide optimal levels of key micronutrients that support energy and immune functions.*

Vitamins and minerals are essential cofactors of growth, energy production,and cellular immune function. They are classified as “essential” because they cannot be produced in the body in sufficient quantities to sustain life andhealthy functioning of body systems. Essential vitamins and minerals must beobtained from food, yet our modern diets are often deficient in adequateamounts of the variety of vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal health and wellness. There are more and more health concerns with the lack of nutrients in the foods we eat because we are so reliant on processed and convenience foods.
Microplex VMz has been carefully formulated to be taken with xEO Mega® in order to provide the amounts of vitamins, minerals, and omega fatty acids that we need to add to a well-balanced diet for optimum health.*
 Balanced blend of vitamins:Includes antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E; an energycomplex of B vitamins; and natural vitamin D3.

Whole-Food and Enzyme Blends: Contains a blend of whole food ingredients to boost everyday nutrient intake: kale, dandelion, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, etc.

Eight different enzymes were added to aid in digestionand help with the absorption of nutrients: Protease,Lactase, Lipase, Amylase, alpha-Galactosidase, Diastase, Glucoamylase, Peptidase.* 
The supplements in the dōTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack® are formulated with GRAS-listed (Generally Recognized As Safe) ingredients tested for purity in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facilities to ensure safe products with consistent potency and performance per manufacturing lot. dōTERRA guarantees each product will meet or exceed customersatisfaction for quality and performance or they will refund the full purchase amount of the product. dōTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack represent a unique dietary supplementfoundation of powerful ingredients present in targeted levels and offered at a compelling price point representing unparalleled value for consumers.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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