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Hi, my name is Mandy. On March 15, 2012 my life changed forever! I woke up with the day beginning like every other day, I got up, got my four kids off to school, met my best friend for our daily walk, came home and sat down to work.

After reading a few emails something happened and I knew something was wrong. My left side didn’t want to respond to what my mind wanted it to do. I was scared, weak, confused, unsure and all alone. I sat on my bed wondering what I should do, I called my mom for help. She could tell just by talking to me that something was wrong. She raced over and calmly told me she was going to take me to the hospital. And that’s exactly what she did.

Turns out I was having a stroke at 33! I had no idea that day how drastically my life was about to change. As a mother of four, triathlete, triathlon coach, wife, friend, and community volunteer I lived a very full, busy, somewhat stressfilled life. I just considered it ”NORMAL”. I quickly learned that life would not remain the same and if I wanted to continue to raise my four beautiful children, I would have to adapt to a new life with little stress. My neurologist told me because I have a genetic disorder called Factor Five Leiden, I am at an 85% increased chance of having a blood clot and I knew I never, EVER, wanted to have another stroke again! I also knew I didn’t want to be dependent on pharmaceuticals for the rest of my life.

The crazy thing was, all my kids inherited Factor Five Leiden too! One of my great grandmas has experienced multiple strokes and by 40 was dead. Determination set in and I knew that I needed to show my children how to naturally care for their bodies so that they had the best chance in their lives. I worked with my doctor and somehow managed to find the right natural tools to help me through this difficult time of life. I learned that my body had been giving me signs prior to my stroke that, had the doctors or I recognized as TIA’s, I could have avoided my stroke all together. I learned that our bodies become sick over time and it takes time to restore and strengthen them. I learned that addressing the emotions I was feeling was better than stifling them. But most importantly, I learned how to live a calmer, more joy filled life.
If you are reading this you have probably experienced a stroke. You know the depth of despair, discouragement, frustration and so much more that accompanies life after a stroke.

 My hope and desire is to give you a glimpse of enlightenment and share with you a few of my favorite tips and tricks that helped SUPPORT me through my recovery process. It wasn’t easy and it was far from quick, but I look back and I can see how this trial was such a HUGE blessing in my life. 

I shared my stroke story in a 6 part series on youtube. 

Please remember as you read through this, that these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

The Energy Essentials

Having the energy and stamina to make it through a day after a stroke takes time.  Once I found this amazing trio, my recovery and energy boosted significantly. Click Learn More and I'll explain why it's so amazing at helping us feel better.

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The Must Haves

As I look back on my journey through recovery, I realize that I was blessed with these valuable gifts to guide and support me through.  When I first found essential oils, this was my beginner kit of the basics, or the must haves or the top 10 oils every family should have.  Click below to learn how to use each oil.  

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The Emotional Support

You know.  Emotionally what you are going through is SO HARD!  
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Sleep Support

After my stroke I struggled to get a restful nights sleep.  The best support for a restful night sleep is Serenity Restful Blend.  This blend combines the well-researched, relaxing benefits of Lavender essential oil along with vetiver root, ylang ylang flower, and chamomile to gently promote relaxation and sleep.

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Dealing with Discomfort

When I left the hospital, my left side of my body was extremely sensitive to touch and when someone brushed against me, I feel extreme discomfort shoot through my body.  After my 6 week visit my Dr. let me know that my body would mimic the stroke each time I got sick for the rest of my life.  

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Care Givers Guide

Probably one of the hardest things to deal with after having a stroke is being dependent on someone else.  This is not just hard for us, it's hard on our care givers.  Thankfully, my husband was such a wonderful support, but he had a hard job too.  Supporting and caring for a stroke survivor can be hard.  

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